Custom Chatbot
Customized Chabot
ShinyPi provides customized natural language processing (NLP) chatbots using artificial intelligence to intelligently answer customer questions. The chatbots can understand a wide range of queries from basic product information to complex technical issues. They continuously improve accuracy by learning from customer interactions over time.
ShinyPi suggests the best NLP and machine learning approaches to meet client requirements. The process involves curating an initial dataset, training NLP model on this data, integrating the chatbot with company systems, and ongoing monitoring to improve performance.
NLP technology
The NLP technology analyzes past conversations to identify common customer question topics and patterns. It develops a customized chatbot trained to address each client’s questions with conversational responses. As the chatbot interacts with more customers, machine learning refines its knowledge and responses. (reinforcement learning)
intelligent virtual assistant
Key steps in creating an intelligent virtual assistant are:
Requirements gathering
Requirements gathering to determine needed intents, topics and and conversation flows.
Collecting textual data
Collecting relevant textual data like transcripts and FAQs to train NLP models.
Preprocessing the collected data by cleaning and preparing it for training.
Training NLP models
Training NLP models for intent recognition and entity extraction to understand user inputs.
Designing framework
Designing a conversational framework mapping intents to appropriate bot responses.
Integrating trained models
Integrating trained models with external data and business logic to enable dynamic responses.
Rigorously testing the bot with real user queries before launch.
Deploying the chatbot and monitoring initial performance.
Continuously enhancing the bot’s capabilities by monitoring usage and retraining models.
chatbot in ShinyPi
In summary, ShinyPi provides an NLP chatbot service using artificial intelligence that is customized for each client. It is trained to address customer questions and can continuously improve through machine learning.
This powerful solution integrates with company systems to streamline customer communications and enhance digital presence.
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